Troubleshooting the ShareChart software

A) Recovering customizable bar settings i.e. recovering lost buttons

If you have lost buttons or are experiencing problems with buttons then perform the following steps to recover the customizable bar settings.

1)     Open ShareChart

2)  Go to File > Open Settings

3)  Scroll along until you see an .scs file with your agentís name e.g. StockCourse.scs

4)  Click on this and open it

B) ShareChart has crashed or performed an illegal operation

1)  Go to Start > Programs > ShareChart > Data Centre

2)  Now within the Data Centre box, select the market that you want to recover from the Market dropdown box.

3)  Go to Tools > Clear Settings

4)  In the Clear Settings box tick Clear Global Settings and Clear Settings for All Stocks leave Restore Defaults ticked

5)  Click OK and answer yes to all questions.

If any problem persists you can simply fix it by reinstalling the ShareChart CD. However, if your CD is over three months old, we strongly recommend you order the latest version of ShareChart. This is available free of charge however we do charge AUS$20 to cover postage and handling.

C) To reinstall ShareChart, please carry out the following steps:

  1. Select Start > Control Panel, and double click Add/Remove Programs.
  2. In the Add/Remove Programs dialog box, select ShareChart and click the Change/Remove button.
  3. When you are prompted for confirmation, click Yes to delete all ShareChart components.
  4. Next you will need to manually delete some remaining files. Double click My Computer from the desktop and then double click Local Disk (C:) and double click Program Files.
  5. Right click on ShareChart and select the Delete menu item.
  6. When you are prompted for confirmation, click Yes to delete all ShareChart files.
  7. Insert the CD and follow the installation instructions.

D) Prompted with 'Invalid Serial Number' or 'Already Registered' when trying to Register ShareChart

Please  contact ShareChart Support to have your serial number re-set.