Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about ShareChart this is the first place to look for an answer. We have listed below many common questions.

Q:  My computer system crashed and I want to re-install ShareChart but my ShareChart installation CD is more than 3 months old. What should I do?

A:  We keep only three months' data on our servers. Therefore, you should contact ShareChart to get a new CD to avoid lengthy data downloads. The replacement CD containing the latest software and the latest data is free. We only charge a nominal fee of A$20 to cover our shipping and handling costs.

Q:  I download data every twenty minutes and also download data after market close. Do I still need to download data after 7:30pm?

A:  If you download data before 7:30pm then you have probably downloaded our calculated data. This is not guaranteed to be the same as final data. The data after 7:30pm incorporates ASX adjustments and is final. We therefore recommend that you download data after 7:30pm even if you have downloaded data during market open and after market close.

Q: Can I use ShareChart on more than one computer?

A:  If you have purchased only one license then you will be unable to register ShareChart on more than one computer at a time. Please contact us if you wish to purchase multiple licenses.

However, if you need to change computers then you can de-register ShareChart on the original computer and then re-register it on another computer. Changing computers frequently is discouraged however, because it necessitates two sets of data downloads. It is advisable to do it only when absolutely necessary, e.g. traveling overseas.

Q: How do I perform an online Upgrade?

A: To upgrade ShareChart follow the instructions below:

(1) You MUST close the ShareChart program before proceeding with an online upgrade

(2) Connect to the Internet

(3) Navigate to Start > Programs > ShareChart > Online Upgrade

(4) Click on Upgrade

Q: My data download is getting slower, especially the data conversion. Why is this?

A:  Check that you have enough space on your hard disk. Normally, you should leave 1 GB free space on your hard disk to allow Windows to swap memory when the memory becomes low. There are several ways to free up disk space.

(1) Remove any unused applications on your hard disk, especially games.

(2) Defragment your hard disk periodically. To defragment the hard disk, right click on the disk, select Properties, then select the Tools tab, and click on the Defragment Now button. You might like to do this overnight as it is can be a lengthy process.

(3) If there is no improvement you may need to replace your hard disk.

As a benchmark, it should take less than 1 minute to convert Australian data on a Pentium III 1GHz or above with at least 1GB free disk space. Therefore, the total time for a normal Australian data download (excluding downloading news, upgrade and fundamentals) should take less than 2 minutes on a 56K connection with a benchmarked computer.

Q: When I download data each day, should I enter the date of the last time I downloaded or should I use the dates given by default?

A:  Normally the downloader will automatically move to the next day so that you do not have to change dates. However, it can sometimes stay on the previously downloaded dates if the program has been terminated abnormally. It is always wise to check the dates before clicking the download button.

Q:  I was hoping to use the arrows created by turning points for short term trades. After checking over 100 stocks I cannot find a red or green arrow in the last 3 days of trading. Is this a coincidence? I thought the arrows would probably change during the trading day or at the latest at the close of trading.

A:  The turning points are descriptive rather than predictive. Therefore, the turning points will appear only when the trend is established and this requires at least three trading days. Reversal Points in the Indicator combo box are predictive. There are six types of short-term reversal points. For the details of short-term reversals, please check the relevant technical analysis books.

Q:  Sometimes when I have wanted to download the end-of-day data it has taken a number of attempts to complete a successful data transfer. Why is this?

A:  We have three servers available for data download and they operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It could be that network traffic was congested from your PC to the server at the times you experienced problems. We suggest that you try different servers at different times to find out which is the most appropriate server at a particular time. If it is still a problem, then try to disable your virus protection during downloading. Of course, you will need to resume the virus protection as soon as you have finished the downloading. If you have installed a proxy for Internet access, you should use HTTP data transfer instead of FTP data transfer.

If the problem persists, please let us know your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as some ISPs have restrictions on data transfer.

Q: How can I access different markets easily?

A:  If you have subscribed to a particular market apart from the Australian or U.S.A markets, you can access it in two ways. A detailed explanation is provided on the Accessing different markets page. Please follow the link.

Q: How many years of historical data are available?

A:  We provide data from 1980 for both the Australian and USA markets. We use 1995 as the default so that the zoom in and zoom out features function optimally. However, if you would like to go back to 1980 you can. Simply go to Settings > Chart settings > Use data from and change it from 1995 to 1980 and click OK. Hit the refresh button on that graph and it will take the date back to 1980 for that graph. You should then go to File > Save Template and save it in the template you use for stock analysis. This will save the setting for all stocks using that template. You can then use that template to analyze stocks.

Q: I would like to transfer my ShareChart data across to another computer, is this possible?

A:  It is possible to transfer your ShareChart data across to another computer, however it will require a degree of computer knowledge.

If you have a computer network you can share the information through this process. First, install ShareChart using your existing CD. Then, simply copy the entire ShareChart folder across.

If you have a CD Burner you can burn the data and save it onto your other computer. When saving it to another computer, make sure that you remove the read-only attribute from all copied files and folders.

However, we advise that you contact us for a new CD.

Q: I have problems obtaining complete data for many stocks in ShareChart.  This morning I noticed that for CNXT my quote data stops at 3/10/03.  If I searched through all the optionable stocks I am sure that I could find many more like this as it occurs frequently. What is happening?

A:  This problem has occurred because you have downloaded OPTIONABLE STOCKS rather than the entire market data.

We have realized that as the OPTIONABLE STOCKS list changes from time to time some stocks might not appear in the downloading list for some period.

To stop this happening you need to download the whole market, PLATINUM OPTIONS or SUPER PLATINUM OPTIONS.

To fix the data, just click on Tools then Download Historical Data. Type in the stock code and press Download.