Data downloading difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulties downloading data then try the following.

A)        If you have a firewall or antivirus program installed:

          1) Go to Tools > Data Download   

     2) Within the Data Download page go to Settings

     3) From the Data Transfer Protocol drop down box select HTTP Data Transfer

     4)   Click OK

B)        Check that the date displayed on your computer is correct.

C)        Download the patches

     1)  Go to the ShareChart website

     2)  Go to the Download Patches page and download the five patches

D)        If you have ticked the 'Download Selected Stocks only' box you MUST go to the Stock Selection page and select the stocks to be downloaded, otherwise no data will be downloaded.

E) You may need to download a server patch to access our servers

For example, if you have received a message, which says: 'Bad or no response from the server' and have unregistered and then tried to re-register your ShareChart then it may be that you have an old version of ShareChart which requires upgrading. To download a patch, please follow these steps:

  1. Please log onto
  2. Go to Download > Download Patches and click on ServerPatch.wsc
  3. Save the Serverpatch.wsc file to C:/Program Files/Sharechart
  4. Click the Yes button to replace the old file

When this has been done successfully you will need to register ShareChart as follows:

  1. Click Start on your computer
  2. Go to Programs > ShareChart > Register
  3. Enter your details and press Register

If your ShareChart CD is more than three months old you will need to contact us to order the latest one as you are only allowed to recapture three months data from server. The data CD is free but we do charge a $20 postage and handling fee.