If you are a broker, financial advisor or stock education company and would like to add value to the services you offer your clients then talk to Sharechart...

Sharechart is a fast growing charting software company based in Sydney Australia. Established in 2000, we have thousands of satisfied customers who use our ShareChart currency, stock and option trading software to trade on 28 markets throughout the world.

Become part of our successful team..

We are looking for successful, ethical brokers, financial advisors and stock education companies to partner with us and offer our, state-of-the-art charting software to their customers.

One size doesn't fit all...

When you become a Sharechart business partner we will customize ShareChart to your specifications. Your company's ShareChart will incorporate your templates, your trading strategies and your business name. Use it as a tool to complement your courses, seminars, and trading model.

Take advantage of this great business opportunity!

When you partner Sharechart you are not just a software reseller, you are a valued business partner. We will provide you with a great opportunity to share in the growth of our business and as a consequence yours will grow also.

ShareChart is the elite trading tool!

ShareChart has been developed using the latest object oriented technology which means that it executes faster than any other charting program. Its revolutionary layout allows users to view different world markets, templates, and layouts, with all major features and indicators just a mouse click away. Take a look at the benefits and features in detail.

Sharechart provides software to broking firms and their private clients which means that both traders and brokers are looking at same screen while orders are being executed.

Don't take our word for it listen to our customers...

Sharechart has thousands of satisfied customers world-wide. They use our trading software every day. Click on this link to read what they say about ShareChart.

Continued development

We continue to develop ShareChart and pride ourselves on offering our customers the latest and most innovative software solutions. You will have direct access to the software designers as we value your input. Your customers will receive free support and free software upgrades for ever!

Data for 28 markets

Sharechart offers data downloads for 28 different markets including the USA, USA Options, Australia, New Zealand, the Nikkei and more...

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more or would just like to have a chat to us, please feel free to call us on +61 2 9929 0600 or e-mail us at sales@sharechart.com.au.

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