Option Sorter

The Option Sorter is used to bring up all the different options for a particular stock. This is very helpful as it allows you to analyse the different option contracts available while staying within Sharechart.

To open the option sorter go to Derivatives > Option Sorter. In the space available insert the code of the stock you wish to view option data on. Then hit scan and all the data will appear. Keep both the Puts and Calls boxes ticked for the initial scan.

A screen like the one above will appear with all of the Option data available. You can now alter the table by removing a tick from either Puts or Calls making it possible to see only Puts or Calls data. The order of the data can also be varied, by ticking any one of the boxes within the Sort By column. This enables you to quickly search through the contracts in an efficient way. These are self explanatory in the way that they sort the data.

The Underline price box informs you of the price of the Stock at the last time you downloaded data for the particular stock, with open, high, low, close and also the volume for the day. Within the options box the different colours are keys to in the money and out of the money contracts. With Green representing in the money and red representing out of the money contracts respectively.

Once you have sorted your options and found the contract you want highlighting it will bring up some additional information.

This additional information can be seen within the table to the right of the options data. It provides you with some general information about the company and about the option contract itself. Such as the industry and Industry Subgroup, you can also see how many shares per contract and how much open interest there is on this particular contract.

Last price information shows you the value the option was last traded for. It shows the date the option was last traded on, the open, close, high, low and the volume of the contracts that were traded.

The Calculated Information separates the information from last price into Intrinsic and Time value. This will vary as the expiry date approaches.

A double click on the chosen contract will bring up the contracts chart. This chart can be used and altered in exactly the same way as a normal Stock chart, but shows the movement of the option contract price up until expiry.