How to customize your ShareChart using templates

One of ShareChart's great benefits is that it allows you to set up Templates to customize the ShareChart program to meet your own individual needs and preferences

Setting up a template

Designing a template in ShareChart is easy. Just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open any chart in the ShareChart program. This will form the basis of your template.
  2. To add or remove Indicators, click on the Indicators dropdown box and select, or de-select, your required indicators.

  1. If you wish to alter the settings of an indicator you can easily do so by clicking Settings > Indicators

  1. This will pop up the box shown below and you can then select the indicator you wish to alter from the Indicators drop down box. Simply change the settings as required.

  1. Once you are satisfied with the template go to File > Save Template and save the template to the appropriate template folder within the ShareChart folder. For example, if you have developed a template for the Australian Market then save it to Program Files > ShareChart > AUSTRALIA > template.
  2. Once you have saved your template click on  Tools > Set Up Customizable Bar as shown below.

  1. A dialog box will pop up. In the Button Type drop down box select Templates and then Browse to find the template that you just saved.
  2. Select the template and click open.
  3. Then select a free button that you would like to access this template from and click Next >> to bring up the next dialog box.

  1. Click on the template button that you just allocated to your new template and click Add.  This places the button onto the bottom toolbar of ShareChart as shown below.

  1. Highlight the button in the Current toolbar buttons box and move it to the desired position by using the move up and move down buttons. Once it is in the correct position close the box.
  2.  You can now view this template whenever you like by clicking the template button that you just moved into place.

Making a default template

If you have a template that you would like to see without having to click the template button each time then there are two ways to set it as the Default Template.

The first way is the easiest. Just bring up the template you want to be the default, right click in the chart and click on Set as Default Template. (See below)

The second way to set the chart as the Default Template is to click on Settings > General Settings and the General Settings box will appear (see below).

Under the Default Template box Browse to find your template, open it, and click the OK button. Close the chart, then re-open it. Your template will now be the default template for viewing every chart in the selected market.

Restoring the original default template

To restore the original default template simply click on  Settings > General Settings and under the Default Template box Browse to find Volume only.stp, open it and click OK.