What are the benefits of using  ShareChart?

ShareChart stock and options trading software is the “must have tool” for share investing and trading. It will assist you to analyze shares with potential growth and, more importantly, it will help you protect your profits and stop your losses if you are trading against the trend. There are many features in ShareChart that just cannot be found in other share charting software.

At Sharechart, we endeavour to maximize the benefits for our ShareChart users so that your investment in the ShareChart program will generate the maximum return for you.

ShareChart professional stock and option charting software has many benefits. Here are just a few:


·         More than 28 markets at your fingertips ShareChart gives you access to more than 28 markets including the USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China and more...  Only ShareChart will allow you to switch between markets with just a mouse click. Unlike any other software, there is no configuration or setup involved in switching markets.

·         Unlimited data download   With ShareChart stock charting software you get unlimited data downloads whenever you wish. For the USA and Australian markets we provide 20 minute delayed snapshot data for you to download during the market open.

·         Free option data  ShareChart offers you free Australia option data with your Australia stock data subscription and free USA stock option data with your USA stock data subscription.

·         Unlimited access to the designers   ShareChart has a program of constant improvement and offers you unlimited opportunities to discuss your requirements with the designers of this innovative, state-of-the-art stock and option charting software

·         Continued commitment We continue to develop and improve ShareChart by listening to our customers' needs and suggestions. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the latest and most innovative software solutions.

·         Ease of use ShareChart is a user-friendly stock and options trading program that is intuitive to use and has a comprehensive help file.

·         Customizable Customize your ShareChart so that it shows the information you need the way you need it.

·         Fast Because ShareChart stock and options trading software has been built using the latest object-oriented technology it executes faster than any other trading software on the market.

·         Save time The speed of loading charts is the fastest of any charting software. Unlike other software, ShareChart has pre-configured custom buttons which allow you to open and view charts with just a mouse click. There are no complicated operating procedures.

·         Free services news, support, upgrades… ShareChart subscribers enjoy our friendly and prompt technical support through either telephone or email, free of charge. What’s more, they are entitled to upgrade to the latest versions of the software absolutely free, with their annual data subscription! They also have access to all the latest software news and free tips. 

·         Have the world With ShareChart, you will have all the information you need about what's happening in the world. ShareChart provides all major indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P500, FTSE 100, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng), commodities (gold, silver, oil, gas, etc), and local currencies, with your current data subscription.

·         We value your input – All feedback is welcomed and is passed to the relevant teams for evaluation. Our product continues to get better through your valuable input!


What more you could you want?

ShareChart is packed full of useful features that are easy-to-use and invaluable in helping you analyze stocks and keep track of your portfolio. Take a look ShareChart’s basic features, you’ll never find another program this comprehensive for the same price.


Want even more?

Take a look ShareChart’s advanced features. You’ll be delighted with what ShareChart can do.