Working with Indicators

ShareChart has incorporated most of the popular indicators such as Moving average, MACD, Stochastic oscillator, Price Rate of Change (ROC), On Balance Volume (OBV), and Bollinger Bands. To use these popular indicators, simply click on the Indicator dropdown box and select the desired indicator.

If an indicator is selected, it will be preceded by a '+' sign in the Indicator dropdown box. To click the indicator with '+' will deselect the indicator and '+' will disappear in front of the indicator.

Alternatively, you can select indicators from the Chart Options dialog box, which can be opened by selecting Settings < Chart Settings. If you are using Standard Version or higher, you will be able to open the proprietary Indicator dropdown box adjacent to the Indicator dropdown box. The indicators in this dropdown box are powerful indicators developed by Sharechart, such as Price Cluster, Stop Loss, etc. You can operate the proprietary indicators in the same way as the popular indicators.

For most indicators, parameters such as periods and colour of lines can be customized according to your preference. Setting these parameters is described in Section 3.4 Setting Indicators.

Our website: has provided a wide range of comprehensive technical documents on the indicators covered in ShareChart. Please visit our website to view more about these indicators.