Downloading the User Guide

The latest ShareChart User Guide, Indicators, and Help files are now available for downloading. The User guide and Indicator files are Microsoft Word documents with large sizes, consequently they have been compressed. You will need to use unzipping software (e.g. WinZip or, if you are using Window XP then right click and select Extract All) to unzip them to the ShareChart folder which is normally found at C:\Program Files\ShareChart unless you specified otherwise during installation. Your current upgrade to version 5.0 will create shortcuts in your ShareChart Programs group to link to the updated files. To download, simply click the files below.

ShareChart User Guide.pdf (4.65 MB)

ShareChart (4.75 MB)

ShareChart Indicators.pdf (4.14 MB)

ShareChart Option Strategies.pdf (351 KB)

Save them to any location on your hard disk and unzip them to ShareChart folder.

If you want to save yourself the time and effort of upgrading and downloading, we have the latest ShareChart installation CD available. This upgrade is free though we do charge AUS$20 to cover processing, handling and postage. The new installation CD contains the latest software, latest documents (including User Guide, help, and Indicators files), and the latest data.